Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Imitation of Jonathan Swift’s Satire “Modest Proposal”

AP English 7 October 12, 2012 The solution(Imitation of Jonathan Swift's Modest Proposal) It is sad thing to see our learning environment; the place where we come to play sports, meet people, have a good time, learn many interesting things as a place where drugs are also associated. Furthermore, it is depressing to observe an intelligent kid become a person who just doesn’t care about school due to the substance that made them not.The fact that they started ads more to the big idea that it needs to end. It’s clear and apparent that by all parties that this prodigious problem has affected and continues to affect our lives and needs to come to an end by having to deal with the students that do not care no reason about school and I have formulated a great plan to reduce if not illuminate this problem and that is by hosting a assembly in our institute for the students to come and try out all the drugs!This would be a great solution for the reason that students try the drugs and experience their affects so they will not be curious about the drug. What I have concluded is that the curiosity of the student followed by the peer’s pressure will make the student more susceptible to potentially buying drugs from the dealer that could have in fact treated the substance to be more addictive. By eliminating the main factor of curiosity would abolish the first step of a student taking or buying the drug.Furthermore, by the school providing the drugs would make it the safest way to get the curiosity out of their system. For example, the school may provide safe items to use the drugs. I believe that every other way to tackle this problem is futile since everything that we try is not working as we hope it should, like using a dog to track down drugs is just plain dumb and threating the students with not being able to participate in school activities for a set amount of time if cot is unheard of.

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